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Receive money in your bank account in 10 seconds or less, 24/7 with wero – it’s simple, seamless and secure.

Receive money in your bank account in 10 seconds or less, 24/7 with wero – it’s simple, seamless and secure.

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Proudly European.

Wero is an instant payment solution for users across Europe. A fast and hassle-free way to send money to friends and family in Belgium, France and Germany – with more European countries to come.

Super fast payments.

Receive money within


in your bank account.

Always-on, no delay.

Pay and receive money

even at night and on weekends.

Widely available, easy to access.

Most bank users are eligible in Germany, France and Belgium.

Borderless banking.

Transfer money between European friends and family.

Backed by 14 trusted banks and the two largest European acquirers

This is just the beginning

The days of inconvenient payments are behind you. Sending money instantly to your friends is just the first step. Wero aims to support our users in many other payment services, including online, point-of-sale and subscription payments. Belgium, France, and Germany will be the first to benefit – with more European countries to follow.

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What is wero?

Wero is a new payment solution aiming to become the go-to for consumers and merchants across Europe. It will be integrated into EPI’s member banks’ applications and will launch as a stand-alone mobile app for Android and iOS. EPI is launching wero in Belgium, France, and Germany by mid-2024, followed by the Netherlands, with plans to expand to other countries in the coming years.

How will wero make payments easier for consumers and merchants?

Wero aims to make paying simpler for consumers and merchants across Europe through its account-to-account payment solution – let’s just say chipping in for your colleague's leaving gift will be a whole lot simpler.

Why is wero based on Instant Payments?

Instant Payments allow the development of a service covering multiple payment use cases such as paying friends and family, paying in a shop, paying online, paying a bill or an invoice, which no other single solution offers for the time being.

How does EPI position wero towards other local and/or international payment schemes?

Like existing international solutions, wero is being designed as a consistent solution across countries. Over time, EPI banking participants will roll out wero to their customers through integration in their apps and online banking. EPI’s ambition is for wero to become a new standard of payments in Europe – offering users an independent European alternative. Wero is in collaborative conversations with both international and domestic payment schemes to innovate on the future of digital payments.

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