So, what’s Wero?

Your money’s best friend. Securely send and receive money to and from family and friends instantly across Belgium, France and Germany – with more countries coming soon. 

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Proudly European.

Wero aims to become Europe’s favourite payment platform. We’re part of the European Payments Initiative (EPI), a partnership of European banks and financial institutions. We aim to put customers first by prioritising trust, security, efficiency and adaptability.

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A new era of payments across Europe, for the better, for the future.

We’re changing the way Europe pays, with payments designed for the digital age.

Digital solutions have made many parts of our lives easier, but payments often still feel outdated with long IBANs, transfer delays, and confusing rules. Wero is here to change that: a new digital wallet that makes sending and receiving money simple, instant, and secure for friends and family in France, Germany, and Belgium.

And that’s just the beginning. Soon, with Wero, you will be able to buy in-store and online, and even pay for your subscriptions. Stay tuned as we transform how Europe pays. Wero is part of the European Payments Initiative (EPI), supported by 14 major European banks and the two largest payment processors in Europe. Our goal is to create a new payment system for Europe, for the future.

Backed by leading European banks and the two largest acquirers.

Over 75% of personal bank customers in Belgium, France and Germany will soon have access to Wero. We’re ready to use our collective strength to put them first and lead the way towards truly digital payments.

  • ABN
  • Belfius
  • BNP
  • BPCE
  • Credit
  • DB
  • VB New
  • ING
  • KBC
  • La Banque
  • Mutuel
  • Nexi
  • Rabobank
  • Societe
  • Sparkasse
  • Worldline
  • Postbank
  • Sparda
  • PSD
  • BB
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Want to join Wero?

We’re always on the lookout for talented people who want to help us change the way Europe pays.